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No more expensive custom fees!

From July 1 2021, e-commerce legislation in Europe will change. From this date, customers making online purchases on websites based outside the European Union will have to pay VAT, starting from the 1st euro. 

For example, if a German resident buys a product worth €10 on a site based in Japan, he will also have to pay €1.9 in VAT (the VAT rate in Germany is 19%).

This VAT can be paid in 2 different ways:

1 - Directly on the web shop, in addition to the price of the products (for platforms registered in a new system in Europe)

2 - Upon delivery, directly to the carrier. In this case, additional fees are also billed by the carriers. 6€ in Germany, around 10€ in Austria (see information on DHL website)

From July 1st, we are adopting this second method. 
This means that with YattaJapan, we are releasing you from the burden of additional custom fees by offering you products with prices that already includes those fees! You won't have to pay any additional charges after having placed your order! 

Yatta !

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