🔔 ATTENTION: To cope with growing demand and future developments, the YattaJapan warehouse is moving! It will be closed from July 16 to 28. There will be no shipments during this period. 🔔

🚚🌐 All orders placed during this time will be shipped starting July 29. Thank you for your understanding. 🌐🚚

About us

YattaJapan is a project that means a lot to us, and we are so glad to have made it come true!


It has been 6 years now, since we started to share our love for Japan through the NihonBox, our monthly Japanese goodies box. At the beginning, it was just Tomoko and me, when there was basically no Japan-themed box out there yet! New members joined us and our team grew bigger over the years!

Since the beginning of this amazing adventure, the NihonBox community kept growing and many are looking for Japanese products that are complicated for us to include in our boxes.

YattaJapan is the extension of Nihonbox!

Our goal is to extend the NihonBox experience by offering a selection of products to anyone interested : Japanese pop culture but also snacks and traditional item lovers!

These past few years, in order to offer you the best boxes possible, we initiated strong bonds with goodies manufacturers, Japanese craftsmen and confectioners from everywhere. With this new online shop, we wish to use our expertise to offer original products as well as products from past Nihonbox boxes, snacks or goodies!

Just like NihonBox, YattaJapan will evolve alongside its community and we will do our best to keep sharing more and more Japan with our passionate followers!

Thank you for joining the YattaJapan adventure!

Tomoko, Charles & the whole NihonBox / Yatta Japan team

PS : For those asking “Yatta!" can be translated by “Yippee!” or “Yay!”. Don’t forget to say it when opening your Yatta Japan packages ;)!

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