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Animation AKIRA Storyboards 1 - OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS

Animation AKIRA Storyboards 1 (OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS) 大友克洋全集

In 1988, along with the release in theater of the mythical Akira movie, Katsuhiro Otomo offered two books showcasing all the storyboard drawings he produced for the movie, books that are now very hard to get collectible items!

Discover for the very first time a new edition of these unique artbooks, divided in two beautiful volumes.

Includes comments and explanations by the artist Katsuhiro Otomo.

B5 sized (176x250mm), 488 pages. Original Japanese Edition.

Sold Out
  • SKU:9784065262641
  • Poids:771 g
  • Release Date:01/2022
  • Licence:Akira
  • Vendor:Kodansha

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